Scope and Purpose

Scope and Purpose of the Case Study

The scope of this case study is the evaluation, assessment and recommendation of change for an organization in the area of motivational leadership.   Motivational leadership is used throughout an organization and involves top managers, middle managers, front line managers and staff.   The study does not intend to identify shortcomings, rather compare motivational leadership theories to the current operation of the organization and select a theory or theories which can improve an area of the organization.    Our primary focus will be on Transformational Leadership.  The study includes the identification of a motivational problem, the documentation of the organizational structure, a comparison and contrast of motivational theories to the organization, development of an alternative approach, presentations of recommendations, and steps to implement a solution.

We plan to obtain our data primarily through survey and supported by interviews.   We have developed this website to accommodate easy distribution and completion of the survey

The results and analysis of this data will be analyzed by the project team and viewed by the instructor.   We will provide the results of our work to the primary contact of your organization.   We will not provide the results of our work to any others in the organization or outside the organization.   The material will not be published outside of our team in any way.   The project team includes the following members:

  • Hopkins, Stephen
  • Johnson, David
  • Randolph, Kevin
  • Sutton, Marcus
  • Tummalapalli, Shailendra
  • Yelverton, Robert

The instructor is Dr. John Batchelor, University of West Florida.

The use of the demographic data is solely to be used to determine the structure and goals of the organization.    Under no circumstances will we release the specific answers with identifying demographic data such that a person or person’s identity will be known.   The intent of this project is to identify if there are any areas that can be improved with motivational leadership theories.